Bill Collectors today are Bottom Feeders


The collections industry today is not what it used to be. There was a time where bill collectors performed an honorable service which was to collect money from debtors for a small fee. They usually had actual proof of the debt and only asked for the debt plus reasonable fees for the added expense to your creditor. 


Today's bill collectors are often technically lawyers. However, most don't want to get anywhere near a Courtroom because they'll lose. They don't work with their clients in handling things in a knowledgeable way to get the money they deserve. They buy bulk list of mass debt that ultimately cannot even be validated. If involved with smaller organizations, they promise to collect debt through what is virtually harrassment that takes many forms. They are notorious liars and are often caught. The last thing you should ever do is settle with a bill collector of any kind. When you do, you are empowering the problem. (This is not legal advice, but a strong opinion based on experience) It is much easier than you might believe to fight these "bottom feeders".  They almost never win at Court, and if they do, they lose at appeal. This cost them a lot of money and they don't want that. Always google your bill collector and then FDCPA (Fair Debt Collections Practices Act). You may find that your work has already been done for you. If not, read the act and write down each action they took towards you which was or could be argued as illegal. It is sometime ironic that you end up making money on the situation.



























Warning though. they do not back down just because you make a threat. They have to know that you are willing to fight them all the way. That's where I come in as a Certified Paralegal. I can help you prepare the Court Documents that make them know you're serious.I have successfully assisted individuals in collections cases in:



  • Obtaining fee waivers

  • Getting judgements against them vacated.

  • Getting motions for summary judgement.

  • Getting witnesses stricken from testifying.  


Usually, once you get to any of the above the saga is over, but one must always be prepared for them to keep going. If that's the case, they will often settle outside the Courtroom. Keep in mind, Judges are people too and they don't like bottom feeders. 


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