"A man who is his own lawyer has a fool for a client"

This an old proverb often attributed to Abraham Lincoln but appeared well before his time and is said to be attributed to a lawyer. While it makes sense, many people do not have the option of a lawyer. It also likely was speaking to criminal cases where the stakes were very high and not to civil cases in a world where there are no debtors prisons. Lawyers today charge so much that the average individual ... especially in the current economy, cannot possibly afford hundreds of dollars an hour. Those who work on contingency have to believe in your case because they are putting out lots of money, and sometimes they're hard to find.


So, do you just give up? Well, how damaged do you feel? Are you a smart person? Are you in the right? Most importantly, can you withstand the long delays in our justice system. If the answer's yes you want to sue yourself, I can help you. Every Court has rules and formal papers that must be completed when you file a lawsuit. As paralegals, we are trained to perform all these duties for attorneys. While we can't practice law, we can assist the pro-se (or in pro per) litigant. This is the person who represents themselves.


I have represented myself as well as worked for many Attorneys. I am happy to assist you by sharing what representing yourself really looks like. Obstacles, triumphs, cost, and we can even analyze your case together to help you determine a likely outcome. Also, I don't neccessarily stick to legal strategies. Sometimes I may recommend a Public Relations Strategy. Again, I am not able to practice law, so anything I say is friendly advice from someone who has a passion for a Just society.









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