Paralegal - Investigator - Passionate Advocate 

Chosen by some of the best employment law, PERSONAL INJURY and Civil RightS Attorneys in THE USA


Right Hand Man
Pro Se Litigants Best Friend

- Intake of Potential Clients

- Jack of all trades can hit the ground running to assist you in your case

- Witness interviews

- Legal Research

- Deposition Summaries

- On the Spot Deposition Assistance 

- Digesting and organizing case files

- Courtroom presentation (and all the tech stuff that makes it possible)

- Persuasive Writer ( I can turn facts and case law into a compelling           story)

- Lawsuit marketing (Does your case need some public outcry?)

- Document delivery

- Process Server

- Video Depositions

- Transcription 

- Whatever you need

- Analysis of Workplace Investigation Notes Versus Final Findings

- Appellate Procedures

- Assistance in Creating a Paperless Office

- High Tech Voir Dire (assuring you the perfect jury)

Since becoming a "Nomad" Freelancer, I have been fortunate to take on all types of individual cases thanks to people who trust me to assist them. I have worked on cases in almost every State of the Union and learned a whole new range of specialties including family law, criminal defense (because they're not always guilty), contract law,  and preparing cases for those who seek criminal Prosecution. Remember, I am not able to practice law, but I'm allowed to do legal research and ensure paperwork is complete and ready to go. Paralegals are able to do almost everything except speak to the Court Directly. 







Frequent User of Legal Solutions; Lexis Nexis; and Westlaw.  MS Word and Adobe Acrobat, and Iannotate for work on the go.  

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REFERENCES: I'm proud of the Attorneys for whom I have worked and for the level of responsibility with which they have entrusted me. Because my supervising Attorneys tend to rotate, I am unable to reveal their identities on this site due to potential conflicts of interest. However, I am happy to discuss appropriate references for you to contact once we meet. 
RATES: Simple, for the same hourly rate (less than 1/3 of what you'll bill for me), you'll receive any of these services. Once a case proceeds to trial preparation, that rate will rise slightly. Additionally, sophisticated pleadings beyond a skeletal form (non boiler plate/formed narrative) will be a higher rate. For interviews, site inspections, and out of area depositions, mileage and other typical expenses may be charged.     



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